The Rules

Everyone has road trip rules, but bands have a special set. Being stuck in a van or bus for weeks with the same people and all of your crap.

Inspired by this list, I've collected even more rules from all sorts of groups.

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Here's what they have to say:

»Chinese food is never a good idea. [Little Brazil]

»There is no room for Deli Express sandwiches on the food pyramid. [Little Brazil]

»Febreeze. (See above.) [Little Brazil]

»Do purchase granddaddy’s road sodas for long treks through the backcountry (i.e. beer for driving through the western half of Montana). [Little Brazil]

»Toilet paper: When nature calls and bathroom attendants are on strike, it’s up to you to provide for the family. [Little Brazil]

»Some bodily functions are unavoidable. But please, roll down your window. [Tim Wildsmith]

»Bring your own listening material! [Anniversaire]

»Don’t do a cover of the band you’re opening for. [Anniversaire]

[Updated Nov. 11, 2010]