Monday, January 11, 2010

RIP: 49r and Beep Beep

Well, they're totally unrelated, but we must mark the passing of two great things: The 49r and Beep Beep.

I heard about the 49r's demise from Matt Whipkey this weekend. The bar shouldn't be mourned quite yet as it will be around for another year before the building is torn down and a CVS Pharmacy goes up in its place. For those that don't know, CVS is pretty similar to Walgreens and other cookie-cutter pharmacies.

The 49r acknowledged it on its Facebook page:

The rumors you're hearing are true. The 49'r, and surrounding property, has been bought to make way for a CVS Pharmacy. Our doors will close, permanently, next January. Please make this next year the best year the 49'r has ever had.

Saddle Creek Records band Beep Beep is also calling it quits.

According to SC's Twitter and MySpace, Beep Beep's last show will be Jan. 20 at Duffy's in Lincoln.

I had a cool interview with Eric Bemberger last year when the band's "Enchanted Islands" album came out. He talked about how Beep Beep is a weird, strange thing.

"Beep Beep is just a weird entity. It's always going to be weird no matter how you slice it," he said. Then he acknowledged that "it's kind of reached a bit of an apex with its ability to get more weird."

I don't know why they're calling it quits, but the previous statement puts it into perspective a little bit.

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