Friday, July 1, 2011

311 doing home-town signing on "Universal Pulse" release day

"Universal Pulse"
311 will just happen to be in its hometown of Omaha on July 19, the release day of the band's new album, "Universal Pulse."

And to celebrate, Homer's will host a midnight sale on July 18 at its Old Market location.

The new album will be available for $9.99 (CD) and $16.99 (LP) and the band will be there to meet fans and sign autographs.

I spoke with Nick Hexum yesterday about the new album as well as the signing.

"We saw that the routing was gonna be in Omaha and what a perfect serendipity that it happened to be scheduled to go back to our home," he said. "We have never done that midnight in-store signing kind of thing. It's gonna be kind of cool to make a special event out of it."

The evening of July 19 will have the band headlining at Red Sky Music Festival.

When Hexum's home, he said, he likes to walk around his old neighborhood.

"I like remembering walking to school each day and the smells and sights and to see how things have changed," he said.

We'll have more from Hexum on 311 in our Red Sky preview coverage.

Listen to the new single, "Sunset In July," below.

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