Monday, April 19, 2010

Record Store Day recap

I was actually in Chicago over the weekend, missing a multitude of good live shows and Record Store Day in Omaha.

Mike Fratt at Homer's recommended that I head to Reckless Records in Chicago, but I unfortunately couldn't make it on Saturday (I was in town for a wedding, as it were).

Here in town, Homer's, Drastic Plastic and Antiquarium Records all had lines when they opened in the morning. Surveying the scene this morning, the three stores had barely anything left in the way of RSD exclusives.

As far as what's left that I saw: Drastic had three or so of the Monsters of Folk vinyl re-issue. Antiquarium had the Pavement record. Homer's had a bunch of 7-inches. But most of the other stuff was gone.

Fratt told me that they had 70 people at the front door who ran through their selection really fast. Antiquarium co-owner Brian Byrd said they had a line at the door and most of their exclusives were gone within an hour.

Both said the day was pretty successful. Byrd said it was only the second time he's ever had people outside his store before opening and the first time was RSD last year.

For Homer's, they did close to last year's RSD business and would have done better if not for a screwup on account of one of the distributors. Basically, one of the distributors didn't process the order from Homer's so some of the big items (including the Flaming Lips' "Dark Side Of the Moon" and Wilco's live "Kicking Television" vinyl) weren't carried at Homer's.

Because of the wedding I was at, I missed the actual day, so I didn't get my hands on the two things I really wanted: an early vinyl release of the Hold Steady's new album, "Heaven Is Whenever," OR Wilco's "Kicking Television."

At Reckless Records in Chicago on Sunday, I did find the Flaming Lips "Dark Side Of The Moon" and the Phoenix 12-inch pink vinyl with "Fences" and a remix. I also picked up 7-inches from Julian Casablancas, Telekinesis and Stephen Merritt/Peter Gabriel.

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