Monday, June 7, 2010

Blitzen Trapper Blog 2: Intermission

Moondoggies have left the stage and the place is filling up a little bit more now. I remarked that the band was way better than I thought a band called the Moondoggies would be.

I'd see them again. They played some folky stuff, some bluesy Kings of Leon rock and even some groovy stuff. Anyway, their set was a good setup for Blitzen Trapper.

There are more hippie-looking folks than I thought there would be, but I guess the music kinda caters to that crowd. I'm also enjoying the balloons on the bar, which are there for Slowdown's 3rd anniversary (an anniversary I'd venture most of the crowd is unaware of).

Also,the conversation about the meaning of Hold Steady lyrics going on in the booth behind me is pretty enjoyable.

Anyway, Blitzen Trapper will be on soon. I'll have more for you then.

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