Monday, June 21, 2010

Trio of Concert Announcements: She & Him, Titus Andronicus/Free Energy, Jenny and Johnny

Man, what a day for concert announcements. Looks like August/September is going to be a fun one. In addition to Tokyo Police Club, The Black Keys, The Watson Twins and more, One Percent is doing a helluva job bringing some good stuff in late summer. Kudos to them.

• First off, we have She & Him (pictured above) on Aug. 28 at the Anchor Inn. The duo - M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel - were critical darlings with "Volume 1" a couple years ago and this year's "Volume 2" ain't half bad either. The show I saw at SXSW was pretty good and was about half-half from both albums. If you're expecting M. Ward to play a bunch of songs from his solo catalog, this isn't what that is. He mostly takes a back seat, playing guitar and doing backup vocals. This show is the reason. Tickets available Saturday from One Percent.

Next up is Titus Andronicus with Free Energy. Again, both acts that I saw and loved at SXSW. The way that I've described Titus before is they're like Bright Eyes at the end of "Road To Joy" when they go nuts and Conor yells "Let's fuck it up boys, make some noise!" But, all the freaking time. Basically combine some punk rock energy with good lyricism.

• As for Free Energy, the Philly rockers are channeling Thin Lizzy in the most awesome way. It's happy, bouncy rock and it's excellent. They canceled a date with Mates of State next week and both the band's publicist and Jason Kulbel from Saddle Creek/Slowdown had no idea why. This show is the reason. Tickets available Saturday from One Percent.

• Last, but not least, is Jenny and Johnny, which I wrote about awhile back. Anyway, it's Jenny Lewis and boyfriend Johnathan Rice. They have a record coming out and are on tour. I'm interested in what they'll sound like, especially because they recorded with Mike Mogis at ARC in Omaha. Once again, tickets available Saturday from One Percent.

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