Friday, May 28, 2010

Jenny Lewis teams up with boyfriend for Jenny & Johnny

A couple places are reporting on Jenny Lewis' new project with boyfriend Johnathan Rice, which they're calling Jenny & Johnny.

As pointed out by others, few details exist about the band's music.

I do know that the duo recorded at ARC in Omaha with Mike Mogis. Mogis worked on the record with them after returning from the Monsters of Folk tour. He told me that they arrived just before one of Omaha's December blizzards, which quite literally snowed them into the studio and attached guest house.

Mogis said it fostered the creative spirit, so to speak, and Lewis and Rice loved both the studio and the snowy situation they found themselves in.

Go over to the band's official website to join the mailing list or check out their upcoming east coast tour dates.

* * *

The info I share came from a profile of Mogis, his studio and his role in Bright Eyes and as a producer that I wrote recently. Check it out.

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