Monday, May 10, 2010

Headlines! Nine Inch Nails, The Mynabirds and more

How was your weekend? I spent mine going to "Iron Man 2" on Friday, which was pretty epic. Maybe not quite as good as the first one, but on the same level, in my opinion. I also enjoyed the music in the film, which featured a lot more than the AC/DC on the soundtrack you'll find in stores. I especially enjoyed the inclusion of a few Clash songs.

On Saturday, I hit up Paramore at Westfair, which I reviewed. I'm not a big fan, but songs such as "Ignorance" are pretty good rock/pop fare. And Hayley Williams isn't just a cute, red-haired 21-year-old. She can also wail with what I consider a pretty amazing voice. Anyway, it was entertaining.

Anyway, what did you folks do? See any good shows? Tell me about it in the comments.

While you think of that, feast on these headlines...

• Trent Reznor said that Nine Inch Nails isn't over forever.

• Jazz singer and actress Lena Horne died over the weekend. She was 92.

• Carlos D of Interpol left the band.

• Has anyone ripped on Lady Gaga lately? Not really. Oh wait, Joanna Newsom just did. (And I agree with her, somewhat.)

• What are your favorite albums and "rock moments" from the last 25 years? If you can't think of any, Spin dropped it's big list of 125 best albums and 25 greatest moments.

• Paste featured Saddle Creek band The Mynabirds as one of its "Best of What's Next." Check it out. Recently, Pitchfork gave the band's new disc an 8.0 rating, which is pretty unheard of for a Saddle Creek band. I foresee this disc being one of the most popular SC releases in awhile.

• Ever wonder how a band came up with its name? How about Blitzen Trapper? Eric Earley told Spin how the group got named.

Liam Gallagher wants to make a film about a certain British band from the '60s. Any guesses? OK, it's the Beatles. Anyone surprised? Me neither.

• Attention fans of Owl City: The next album from the Owl City guy (Adam Young) will be released as Sky Sailing. That is all.

• Today's "Totally Not Related To Music": If you're worried about such things, here are nine useful items for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

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