Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekend Roundup: Karaoke, hardcore and Good Old War

I hope all of you folks have a wonderful holiday weekend. I, for one, will be filling mine with yard work and barbecues. Hopefully the weather stays nice.

I'm also hoping to get to a few shows this weekend. Here are the highlights of the days ahead:

• Karaoke can be some drunk fun, but it's way cooler when you get to perform in front of a live band. Girl Drink Drunk provides that opportunity. They play Sunday at O'Leaver's. Check out the band's MySpace for a list of available songs.

• A bunch of area punk bands are opening up for hardcore punk group Millions of Dead Cops on Sunday at the Hole. Cordial Spew, Officially Terminated, Wooden Coat, Eastern Turkish, Youth & Tear Gas open the all-ages show.

• Highlight of the weekend for me would be Good Old War, an alt-folk outfit that a friend turned me onto recently. The band plays with Yukon Blonde and Audra Mae on Sunday. $10 tickets.

What are you hitting up this weekend? Share in the comments.

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