Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bartolomei, Bocca Lupo and Ben Brodin (and how all these things fit together)

The last time I talked to Steve Bartolomei, it was around Christmas-time and we chatted about Mal Madrigal's latest album, "From The Fingers of Trees."

Now, Bartolomei has moved to Manhattan. And Mal Madrigal recorded another record at ARC that will be released soonish. And he started a record label.

The move to the coast was something that had been planned for awhile and was in the works when the "From The Fingers of Trees" was released in December. And the new Mal Madrigal record was recorded between the release show and the move east.

As for the label, Bocca Lupo Records, it is a home for hand-designed, limited run vinyl records ("From The Fingers of Trees" fits that description to a T... the album was sold at for a while and is now available at Saddle Creek's online store).

While you're there, you'll notice another release from Bocca Lupo: a band called Before The Toast And Tea. That band is the creation of Ben Brodin, a Mal Madrigal, Orenda Fink and Mynabirds collaborator.

Brodin's website says he's been working on the project since 2005. He recently performed as BTAT as an opener for Our Fox.

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