Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekend Roundup; Land of Talk's new record

Looks like this weekend is one that could be spent at the Waiting Room... Lots of shows there. Check 'em out:

• The show at the top of my list this weekend is Criteria's performance with Ladyfinger on Saturday. Two bands that we haven't heard from in awhile (Criteria especially) will perform Saturday at the Waiting Room for 8 bucks. Should be a good time.

Our Fox has a show tonight at Barley Street, which would be a cool place to see that group. I like how at that bar and at O'Leaver's you are totally on top of the band. Great venue. Anyway, it's $5 as usual.

• Tonight at the Waiting Room, Jes Winter debuts some tunes from her new EP. I'd see that, but Landing On The Moon would also be a draw for me. $7 at the door.

• Also tonight is the Goo Goo Dolls at Stir. I actually know a lot of folks gearing up for that one (yes, I'm serious). Tim Wildsmith is performing an after-show show inside Stir bar.

• Nerd rapper MC Chris takes the stage at the Waiting Room on Monday. 13 bones, 15 day of show.

• Also on Monday is the 60 Days to Maha showcase with Betsy Wells, Dim Light, Flight Metaphor and Noah's Ark Was A Spaceship. If you don't go to the show, you can't complain when you don't like the local bands performing at the Maha fest in July. Voting at Monday's will choose who of those four groups gets to play the fest's local stage.

* * *


Land of Talk will be releasing its sophomore effort, "Cloak and Cipher," through Saddle Creek Records on Aug. 24. The Montreal trio are releasing the 10-track effort as a followup to "Some Are Lakes," which got pretty good reviews.

I figured something was in the works because Saddle Creek has been talking about Land of Talk videos and an EP, "Fun and Laughter," that were released last year. I liked the debut and the EP, so I'm looking forward to this outing.

The band is on tour with Besnard Lakes this month, of course coming nowhere near Omaha.

Check out the tracklisting for "Cloak and Cipher":

1. Cloak and Cipher
2. Goaltime Exposure
3. Quarry Hymns
4. Swift Coi
5. Color Me Badd
6. The Hate I Won’t Commit
7. Hamburg
8. Blangee Blee
9. Playita
10. Better and Closer

Listen to "May You Never" from the "Fun and Laughter" EP:

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