Thursday, October 21, 2010

Column: Oberst has role in new novel

Published a few months ago, “Freedom” is a book a lot of people are talking about.

The author, Jonathan Franzen, was called the Great American Novelist by Time Magazine.
“Freedom” came to my attention because of a sort of cameo by a famous Omahan.

In the novel, Richard Katz is an indie rock musician who, late in his career, starts being cited as a major influence by Jeff Tweedy and Michael Stipe, among others.

The fictional Katz's fictional bands — Walnut Surprise and the Traumatics — start seeing an increase in popularity even though he's starting to age.

Anyway, Katz and his college roommate, Walter Berglund, head to D.C. to see an indie rock band.
Who's on stage? Bright Eyes.

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Photo by Chris Machian/The World-Herald

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