Thursday, October 28, 2010

The skinny on Azure Ray

Maybe you’ve heard the name or one of the songs. Either way, here’s a quick course on Azure Ray.

Who is Azure Ray?

The dreamy pop duo is made up of Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor, two singer-songwriters who have had success as Azure Ray as well as with solo projects. Signed to Saddle Creek, they’re back together after a several-year hiatus.

How’d they get back together?

“I was visiting her in California. Todd (Fink, frontman of the Faint and Orenda’s husband) and I were selling our house in Omaha and we weren’t really sure where to go next,” Fink said while on tour in Louisiana. “Maria was trying to talk us into moving to L.A. Todd said, ‘We’ll move if you guys make another record.’ I was like, ‘OK.’ Then Todd was like, ‘Oh, no. We really have to move to L.A. now.’”

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