Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kasher has come back; Daytrotter session

Years ago, Tim Kasher decided he wanted to release a solo album. But rather than do the egotistical thing and slap his own name on it, he called it The Good Life.

"I didn't have the confidence or not sure it was appropriate," he told me today. "There's a lot to consider when you're using your own name. 'It's under my own name and I'm playing with these stellar musicians and how are they being represented?' It's easier to go under a band moniker. And fortunately, The Good Life actually became a band."

A decade later, Kasher released a proper solo record. "The Game of Monogamy" was recorded, mixed and mastered earlier this year and released in October through Saddle Creek.

The record, if you couldn't tell from the title, has a lot to do with love and relationships, but with Kasher's own slant on it.

"I think it find it mroe interesting to deconstruct (love) than to do love songs, which I don't have a tendency to write," Kasher said.

Currently on tour, Kasher lands in Omaha on Nov. 19 at the Waiting Room, a day after playing the Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln.

Look for my full interview with Kasher closer to those shows.

* * *

For now, you can check out three songs from the record and a cover of David Bowie's "Soul Love" over at Daytrotter.

I must say, they're sounding pretty great.

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