Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tim Kasher is swimming in new waters

Tim Kasher, frontman for Cursive and the Good Life, has gone solo with a new album, “The Game of Monogamy.” He’s appearing at the Waiting Room Lounge Friday night.

“This is me starting at page one again.”

That’s how Tim Kasher explains his new music and where he’s at in life.

An indie-sized success as the frontman of Cursive and the Good Life, Kasher’s branching into a solo career. He’s moved back to Omaha. He’s no longer married (though that’s been the case for a while).

His new album, “The Game of Monogamy,” is an analysis of said game — its highs and its lows. And it veers into a new musical path for Kasher.

It has some orchestral arrangements and is much less guitar-driven than his other bands. It’s truly a new effort, not just his name on songs that could have been a new Cursive album.

Kasher is 36. It’s not quite time for a midlife crisis, and that’s not what he’s having, he says. But he is looking at love, marriage and relationships in a new way, and he plans to ride out this solo thing as long as he can.

While he got ready for a show in Salt Lake City, we had a long chat on the phone. Here’s what he had to say about love, marriage and music.

Kevin Coffey: This isn’t the first time you’ve written songs about love and marriage.

Tim Kasher: No, it’s not. But I think it’s one of the primary issues for any of our personal wish fulfillments. It’s like a career and love. I think it’s fairly normal for it to be addressed. I think I find it more interesting to deconstruct it than to do love songs, which I don’t have a tendency to write.

I try to avoid bringing up the topic every time. I’ll set it down for a couple years and then I’ll bring it back when there’s something else for me to say about it.

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