Monday, December 6, 2010

New Release: Rural Alberta Advantage putting out "Departing"

Saddle Creek Records is on a roll.

Today, they dropped the news that Rural Alberta Advantage will release "Departing" on March 1.

I really enjoyed the band's first album, "Hometowns," which was re-released by Saddle Creek in 2008. Pitchfork actually gave it an 8/10, which is one of the highest ratings I've ever seen given to an SC release.

"In a way, it's more personal stories about Alberta," frontman Nils Edenloff told "Songs like 'The Breakup' -- it's referencing a lot of places in Fort McMurray and a lot of memories I have, and that moment when winter shifts to spring and the ice breaks. And 'Good Night,' every line in that is about Fort McMurray."

"Departing" tracklist:

1. Two Lovers
2. The Breakup
3. Under the Knife
4. Muscle Relaxants
5. North Star

6. Stamp
7. Tornado '87
8. Barnes' Yard
9. Coldest Days
10. Good Night

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