Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Red Sky Music Festival: Get ready for some summer fun

So, I'm assuming that you've heard the big news: the Red Sky Music Festival is happening.

If you don't know, read the news. It's enlightening.

The folks at the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority (that's MECA to you) are planning the six-day shindig for July 19 to 24 this year.

Two stages will feature "revival bands" and local groups during the day, they say, followed by some big-name, top-level artist inside TD Ameritrade Park at night.

It's a big festival and it has pushed around the Maha Music Festival, who was planning to use the same weekend and is now looking for another date to hold their indie fest on the riverfront, and for good reason.

I think it's going to be cool to have a big fest like this. But I also think it's going to be cool to have Maha, too.

I hope Maha persists. And I hope they knock it out of the park this year. They have the potential to be a competitor with and an alternative to Red Sky.

A few years ago, you'd think, "Man, it would be cool to have a music festival in Omaha." Now, we have two.

Maha's going to have to work hard to not get drowned out by all the noise created by MECA's festival. But if the festival distinguishes itself by offering a solid lineup and a good location, then it will be fine.

I mean, personally I'd rather see a few nights of Spoon, Sharon Jones, My Morning Jacket, the Flaming Lips and Phoenix than Jimmy Buffett, Justin Bieber and Tim McGraw, but that's me.

But, I have to be honest and say that this is a Good Thing for everyone. It gets more people to north downtown, it gets some exposure for local bands (hopefully they have a good way of picking them) and it gets people to more shows.

Frankly, it's probably good for Maha in the end anyway by getting people around here used to festival shows and used to north downtown.

Anyway, stay tuned for Red Sky lineup info and ticket prices.


  1. Any word on Red Sky lineup? I thought the were supposed to announce it mid-Feb. I've been hearing rumors, but nothing solid.

  2. Theresa, here's the deal:


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