Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hear Nebraska date change

If you were planning on heading to the launch party in Omaha that I detailed recently, note that the date has been changed from Saturday, Feb. 5, to Friday, Feb. 4.

From's Andy Norman:

"We realized after booking it that there was a similar show at Slowdown that night, featuring (Ladyfinger), The Stay Awake and Techlepathy. None of the bands on either bill, nor we promoters, wanted to compete with each other. So we're really happy that people can now watch both shows."

So, now you know.

Andy also makes a good point: They're both worthy shows, so it would be pretty sweet to make to both.


  1. If only more promoters had the common sense to work together and coordinate schedules, the Omaha Music Scene would be way better off.

  2. Glad things worked out for both shows. Ladyfinger is playing at the Slowdown, not the So-So Sailors

  3. Thanks, Brendan. Totally different bands, but I keep doing that, frustratingly.

  4. YEAH! Very glad to hear they moved the show to Friday. Now I can go to both.


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