Friday, January 21, 2011

Habitat benefit; Rural Alberta Advantage video; Tim Kasher contest and more

Holy crap, there's a lot going on today. Bear with me while I sort through all of it...

First off, may I direct you to a great concert and a damn good cause: Saturday's Habitat for Humanity benefit at the Waiting Room.

Funk-masters Satchel Grande play with Brad Hoshaw & the Seven Deadlies, Midwest Dilemma, The 9's and the Half Hearts.

Read about it. Then get yourself there.

As for Slowdown, it's closed tonight and tomorrow for "private events."

* * *

Rural Alberta Advantage, one of my favorite Saddle Creek groups, had some fun with subtitles on its new video for "Stamp," which you can see over at Rolling Stone. (You can also watch it below.)

 The song is good and the video is pretty damn funny.

The band's new album, "Departing," comes out March 1. It's available for pre-order.

* * *

Saddle Creeker Sebastien Grainger is back with his old group, Death From Above 1979 (the dance-punk duo we all knew and loved) for a performance at Coachella.

It's sort of mysterious because apparently Grainger and Jesse Keeler (MSTRKRFT) did not part on the greatest of terms.

Grainger's only reaction so far? A tweet: "DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979! There, I said it."

* * *

Bright Eyes will also be at Coachella. That should be big for them.

* * *

Enter to win a signed Polaroid of Tim Kasher from his Daytrotter session over here.

Or, just carry around a picture of Kasher until you bump into him at Blue Line or Jake's.

Kidding... Please don't harass/stalk your indie rock heroes. A "Hey, loved the show the other night" is plenty.

* * *

And now for some shameless self-promotion: I had some articles lately that you might enjoy. Check these out:

• I reviewed Cursive's performance of "Domestica" and we have some kickass photos by the OWH's Chris Machian over at

• I interviewed rock legend Slash last week about guitars, Velvet Revolver and his Ozzy show. Read it.

• After I watched Cursive rock it, I wrote my column this week about albums I'd like to see performed start-to-finish.

• I also dropped a spring music preview, showing off the big shows in town and albums I'm looking forward to this spring. What are you looking forward to? Read my list.

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