Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Red Sky Watch: 3 more bands announced

More bands were announced for Red Sky Music Festival.

Better Than Ezra, George Clinton and Cowboy Mouth will all be playing the festival grounds (not the main stage). Dates and times for their performances haven't yet been announced.

So, that's five artists total. About 45 (or so) more to go.

As mentioned previously, these are about the kind of acts that I've assumed we'd be hearing about.

In my estimation, they'll be popular bands with good followings that reach a broad audience. So far, I've seen nothing to say that indie and edgy groups will have a big place here.

I think that's a fine thing. These are all good bands. But I think people's expectations were more akin to a Lollapalooza or Coachella sort of lineup. That's not what this is shaping up to be nor do I think that's what it was intended to be.

But we shall see.

Let your thoughts be known in the comments.

* * *

So, are we going to see Jay-Z at Red Sky? It's one I've heard thrown around.

And yesterday, DJ Soulman from the Phunk Junkeez tweeted that he's playing at Red Sky with 311 and, you guessed it, Jay-Z.

True or not? I guess we'll find out when the festival announces more.

(I'm wondering: If you have Jay-Z on your lineup, why isn't he the first act you announce?)


  1. George Clinton is always a good time, but I'm still not impressed with the rest of the bands.

  2. I don't care for these acts, but it gives me hope that there may be a decent band thrown in on the B and C stages during the week.

  3. I want to thank Red Sky for assuring I will not be attending this. What terrible bands. I might as well go to Rockfest and puke.

  4. I'm with you on why you wouldn't announce Jay-Z first. That makes me a little skeptical. Jay-Z would be a huge get. That is the kind of thing that would make the music blogs, and people would come to Nebraska to see that. Despite the fact that I think they are doing a terrible job with the slow release, Jay-Z would make up for that. At this point getting Jay-Z this year is probably almost better than Eminem or Kanye in regards to being exclusive. That would be great.

  5. So far this sounds like a concert a couple of employees would put on to save Empire Records. If Del Amitri or Dog's Eye View get added to the lineup then I am checking my calendar to make sure it isn't 1995. Of course if either of those bands do get added I will try and go.

  6. This is starting to sound like a dud. Memorial Park has Cheap Trick and 38 Special for free,Jay-Z ? not going to that, give me a break, I'll stay up and watch Jay Leno.


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