Thursday, January 12, 2012

311's Nick Hexum broke his elbow, will have surgery

311 is, from left, Chad Sexton, SA Martinez, Nick Hexum, P-Nut and Tim Mahoney.

Today on Twitter, 311 singer/guitarist Nick Hexum dropped some news: he broke his elbow riding his bike and walking his dog at the same time.

The Omaha native said he broke his bone cleanly, is in a cast and will have surgery.

He says he'll be fine for 311 Day, the March 11 concert (3-11, get it?) the band puts on every other year or so. This year it's a three-day event (fan event and two nights of 311 concerts) in Las Vegas.

Tickets to the event, $102 to $135, get you into both concerts and are still available.

"I'm going to make a full recovery and be burning up the fretboard in no time!" Hexum said in his post.

I know I have some 311 fans that hang around this blog. Are any of you headed to 311 Day this year? Let's talk in the comments!


  1. I was in Memphis on March 11 the year it was there, but we couldn't get tickets. I've always wanted to go.)

  2. Going to the show in Vegas, coming from jacksonville, can't wait, 311 is the best band on earth!

  3. No better Music than Come Original Music!!!Rock On 311 FOR LIFE!

  4. Will someone please tell me what "elbo pull and kick" means on the song "LOCO" I met some of you guys from 311 once but forgot to ask

  5. I'll be there. Coming from Maine!

  6. 311 day will be shows #9 and 10 for me! It keeps getting better. Keep up the positive vibe and the cosmic music!

  7. this will be my 3rd consecutive 311 day and around 30th 311 show!! No better live band on the planet!!! I really hope 311 day 2014 is in nola is to spread out. 15000 311 fans on bourbon street is unreal!!

  8. 311 Day? YES, every year!
    The groove on Feb 28th, 311Day for 4days & 311 Cruise number two in May! It will be the cruise, my anniversary & mothers day all in one! What a great start to my year!


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