Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Conduits' self-titled album will come out on Team Love

Team Love - the New York-based label co-founded by Conor Oberst - has cut back in recent years with the economy taking a dive, but that hasn't stopped them from releasing Omaha band Conduits' upcoming, self-titled album.

You can pre-order the album over at Team Love's store.

The band is also out on tour in March and April with Cursive, which will be a big boost for the group.

(Note: Conduits says on its Facebook page that the album comes out on March 20. Team Love's website says it comes out on March 30. When is it actually available? I'm trying to find out.)

Update: The album does indeed come out March 20. Team Love will ship pre-order copies about two weeks before that date, so get to ordering!

You can download the band's "Top Of The Hill" from its BandPage on Facebook and also listen to it below.

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