Monday, February 27, 2012

Digital Leather does "Enzymes" for Love Drunk

Digital Leather

Digital Leather has a new album, "Modern Problems." On it is a song called "Enzymes."

The intrepid fellows at Love Drunk filmed them performing the song in O'Leaver's basement. If you know Digital Leather, then you know it doesn't sound the same as on the album. Live and recorded are two very different expressions for Digital Leather's Shawn Foree.

I recommend you go see the band when they perform somewhere soon (they just did a tour and reportedly will be playing in town sometime soon).

Until then, enjoy the band playing for Love Drunk below.


  1. This is unrelated, but has there been any word on the 2012 Red Sky Festival? What kind of idiots are running this thing? I'm hoping they get the Beach Boys for the nostalgia act this year, they do have open dates around then.

  2. Not much yet, other than the dates (July 17 to 22). They said they'll announce the Red Sky lineup sometime in March and I think they'll stick to that. Organizers learned their lesson last year in dropping the lineup late and in piecemeal fashion.


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