Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekend Rock: Craig Finn, Digital Leather tonight; Blue Bird and more tomorrow

Craig Finn
Tonight's big show is over at the Slowdown, with The Hold Steady's Craig Finn taking the stage for his solo act. I'm a big Hold Steady fan (no surprises there) and I like his solo album a lot, though it's not really the same. Of course, don't expect to hear any Hold Steady songs tonight. Finn told me about that in this interview.

Also tonight is the kick off of Digital Leather's tour that kicks off tonight with a show at O'Leaver's. Well, the next show isn't until Feb. 9 in Seattle (full schedule here), but the band will travel down the west coast, through the Southwest and to Austin to play at Beerland. I wish I could be in Austin for that one. Cool venue.

Blue Bird plays Lincoln tonight with Cowboy Indian Bear at Zoo Bar and then they hit up Slowdown on Saturday (also with CIB as well as Skypiper and El Valiente). I talked to Blue Bird's Rob Matthews earlier this week about their bid to make it to SXSW this year. You can read all about that (and the band's forthcoming new album) in my column.

Also Saturday is local funk/disco legends Satchel Grande at the Waiting Room.

Sunday is the Super Bowl. If any local bands are playing a show opposite of the Super Bowl, I wish them good luck and the fortitude to perform in front of only a few people.

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