Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm doing some research for a story and came across some interesting info regarding Incubus.

(Don't remember Incubus? Here's a refresher, their song "Stellar":)

Anyhoo, did you know Billboard named them the most successful band of the past decade?

It's weird. You'd think it would be someone else (let's say Jay-Z), who has put out albums to universal acclaim, sold millions, gone on tour, etc.

Nope. It's Incubus.

It is kind of odd. They've put out only 4 albums (one was a compilation/rarities double disc). Granted, each of those records has debuted in the No. 1 or 2 positions on the Billboard charts (the comp debuted at No. 5). For a modern recording artist, that's just ridiculous. No one is that consistent.

They have a rabid fan base who snatch up the records and their concert tickets like mad. Trust me. I know an Incubus-head (-ite? -ian?) very well.

Other bands that seem to be able to do the same thing? 311 comes to mind (I'm working on a story about them right now). Green Day, I think (though I'm not sure if they have a specific fan base so much as they're generally popular). Pearl Jam and Metallica have two of the most ridiculous groups of fans I've ever heard of.

Pearl Jam's albums are consistently top 5 material. So are Metallica's of late (though Metallica has only put out two records since 2000).

It's a weird phenomenon, really. Why Incubus? I'll have to ask that rabid fan I know, see what she says.

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