Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lots of tickets going on sale...

Gather up your ticket money, kids. It could be an expensive weekend.

On Saturday, tickets go on sale for four Faint performances and a show from The Good Life.

In past years, The Faint has done a pair of Sokol Auditorium shows in Nov./Dec. They always sell out and they're always fantastic. Why they're doing four this year and why they're at the Waiting Room (with one show at Lincoln's Bourbon Theatre), I have no idea.

It will be pretty sweet to see the Faint in such a small space. They used to do small shows back in the day, but it's been years as far as I can remember.

The Good Life show will be a good one too. Does this mean that we'll be seeing some movement from Tim Kasher a la new material for the Good Life? We shall see.

On Thursday, tickets go on sale for a Dashboard Confessional and New Found Glory acoustic show.

This is the kind of show where it's really cool if you're into one of those two bands and probably pretty freaking lame if you're not.

I, for one, am pretty surprised that Dashboard is coming back to Omaha after the incredibly weak showing of fans at the Maha Music Festival back in August. All-day attendance was pretty slow, but decent. However, by the time that Dashboard came on, it was down to a few hundred people. Thank goodness (for them) that a few hundred people in Slowdown will make it look at least half-full.

As for the big boys, John Mayer tickets go on sale on Saturday as well. Bon Jovi tickets also go on sale Monday.

I'd like to see John Mayer play a guitar-only show. I'd pay for that. Hearing him play "No Such Thing" (that "run through the halls of my high school..." song) isn't all that appealing to me.

As for Bon Jovi, I don't really care about that either. The old stuff is just OK and the new music is pretty terrible (and I would guess that this show will be half new stuff since they're releasing a new album soon).

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