Thursday, December 10, 2009

Daily Headlines! The Good Life, Lil Wayne and more

Hey folks. Didn't talk to anyone particularly interesting today as I spent most of the day working on

Check out my interviews/articles on Cursive, KISS and Ten Out of Tenn on

Tomorrow, I'll be posting an extended interview with Sam Martin of Capgun Coup because I couldn't fit it in the paper.

For now, feast on headlines!

• The Good Life is going on a small tour with Old Canes opening. This is going to be pretty sweet. Only four dates are posted so far.

• More best of lists, this time Rolling Stone's 100 best albums of the decade. I like this one, for the most part.

• Spin posted their best songs of 2009 today.

• Jay Reatard was attacked by fans, got in a fight and a few people were arrested.

• Lil Wayne's new disc, "Rebirth," was pushed back. Again.

• Morissey is making another appearance on TV. No big deal, right? Well, he's going on George Lopez's show. An interesting choice.

• Lilith Fair is back again. Tegan and Sara, Erikah Badu and others are playing.

• Does Metallica's cover for "Death Magnetic" look like a vagina? Hehe, kinda does now that I think about it. I guess Lars Ulrich agrees.

• People has a rumor about Jessica Simpson dating Billy Corgan. As usual, it's a really trustworthy report because they quote an unnamed source.

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