Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Grammy noms coming tonight

Grammy nominations are being announced this evening.

I, for one, don't really care. It's a nice honor for someone to be nominated or win one of the statues, but I find it no more important that winning an AMA or a VMA, to be honest. Music awards, in particular, seem to have less and less meaning considering how many ceremonies there are every year. If you're a country artist, especially, you have about nine opportunities a year to win an award. I wonder how many Taylor Swift will rack up in 2009 alone...

Robert Plant & Alison Kraus, Coldplay and Adele took home the major trophies Did you remember who won? I had to look it up. Last year, I was much more interested in the performances than I was on who won the awards. And they were quite impressive.

This year, the most talk I've heard of is the controversy over whether Lady Gaga can win the best new artist Grammy. First, she can't. Thems the rules, kid. Second, who cares?

As a major-label artist, it doesn't seem like a big deal to win. Hell, it's certainly not that honorable to be nominated any more. John Mayer has won about six. He's been nominated for thirteen. Hell, even Kid Rock has been nominated five times.

When it happens to an indie, it's a lot more interesting. Why? Well, because the indie bands and artists are folks that are bucking the system and to be recognized by the people running the system is impressive. It doesn't seem to happen that often.

But if Katy Perry gets to put another trophy on her shelf, I won't care that much.

As for me, let me know when they announce the performers. (Side note: I hope the Jonas Brothers aren't on the list this year...)

* * *

Anyway, the one-hour nomination special airs on CBS tonight at 8 (central).

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