Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Daily Headlines: Not so daily

Yeah, totally missed the boat yesterday on that one. I'm trying to do this every day, but yesterday really threw me a curveball with all of the weather-related stuff going on and Star Wars: In Concert to attend and review.

So for you, dear reader, I will make your daily headlines even dailier today, with an early edition now and a another one later today.


Cancellations: Tonight's performance by Bo Burnam, musician and comedian, at the Omaha Music Hall is canceled.

• Slowdown is closed today.

(I'll post more cancellations as I hear about them.)

• Tupac's "Changes" made the Vatican's MySpace playlist. For those wondering, I mean the actual Vatican, not some collective or hip-hop group. Like, the Pope. Seriously. Check it out.

• Spin's Top 40 albums of 2009 list is out. Expect many more to follow. I'm not too impressed with Spin's list. I'm working on mine now and it will be out at the end of the year.

• If it matters to you, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam is getting married.

• A new Beatles biopic (as if we need more of them) will air on BBC.

• Rivers Cuomo got hurt in a bus crash over the weekend. He's getting better. I hope when the reschedule their tour dates, they add more and come somewhere close to here.

• M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel announced details of the second She & Him album.

• Lady Gaga met the Queen of England. I guess the occasion called for dressing up, right? Wow, Lady Gaga... You don't even tone it down for the friggin' Queen.

• So, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver helped out his high school's jazz band awhile back by performing at a fundraiser concert with them. That show is now available for purchase.

• Kings of Leon and Lady Gaga are some of 2009's top sellers on iTunes.

Apple bought Lala, the online streaming site. This should be interesting.

• Anthony Daniels (C-3PO in "Star Wars") is the emcee of Star Wars: In Concert and had this to say about Omaha (via his Twitter): "To the dedicated audience in Omaha: you fought your way to Star Wars In Concert and were a gracious and warm part of the show. Thank you all"

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