Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Daily Headlines! Late edition...

As promised, here is the second edition of headlines. The early one was mostly stuff from yesterday. Here's stuff that happened today:

• Rolling Stone has their best songs of the decade. I like what I've read so far.

• Pearl Jam is going on tour next year. In Europe.

• Check out Bob Dylan's video for "Little Drummer Boy."

• The Rural Alberta Advantage has a new video for "Drain the Blood." In similar news, Saddle Creek is offering a 7-inch of "Drain the Blood" and "Eye of the Tiger" at their store. I will be pre-ordering because that cover of "Eye of the Tiger" was fantastic.

• More SC store news: The Bright Eyes Christmas album is available on 180 gram vinyl. I'll probably be getting one of those too. Side Note: I was at one of those Conor shows he does around the holidays a lot and he invited his dad on stage. They played "Blue Christmas" and it was quite amazing.

• Paste revealed their 100 best band names of all time and I couldn't agree more with their No. 1 selection. They did have a few others that I would have included, but I really have no big complaints.

• More best of lists: Spinner reveals their best albums of the aughts.

• Susan Boyle be breaking records. The woman never ceases to amaze.

• Fleet Foxes say their new album is "pretty boring." Could you really describe their first one as "exciting?" It was damn good, but I think they're using the wrong words to describe things here.

• The Flaming Lips have a new trinket/toy/piece of merchandise: a silver-colored fetus Christmas ornament. Just when I thought they couldn't go weirder...

• Coldplay is working with Brian Eno (which I talked about with Coldplay drummer Will Champion a long time back... What he had to say about Eno: "He is fascinating. He’s a mixture of like a professor, a musician, an artist, a mathematician. He’s a very interesting man and very inspiring to be in the studio with. He’s always full of new and innovative techniques to get us to approach music in a new and interesting way."

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