Sunday, December 13, 2009

Daily Headlines!

I'm here, I'm here. I promise. Sorry I missed out on daily headlines on Friday. I had to review KISS that night (review here).

It was quite the spectacle. I know some people look down on KISS because of how silly the whole concept is, but you have to admit that it's pretty fun. The folks next to me won tickets from a radio station and left halfway through. The guy was talking about how awesome it was going to be to see Buckcherry, who left the KISS tour the week before. He seemed pretty down when I informed him that Buckcherry wasn't going to be there. I sort of felt bad for him that he couldn't get into the whole KISS spectacle, but the thought of Buckcherry got him going.

I'm of the opinion that no one should really take them that seriously and I honestly don't think that Paul Stanley or Gene Simmons take themselves that seriously either. I mean, they have a new song called "Say Yeah," and half of their old tunes are very thinly veiled euphemisms about having sex. The whole thing was quite hilarious the other night.

Anyway, I missed headlines the other day. Here's a special Sunday edition to make up for it:

Jason Boesel is putting out a new album on Jan. 12 from Team Love. You know Boesel as the drummer of Rilo Kiley, Conor Oberst's Mystic Valley Band and stints with Bright Eyes.

• Axl Rose got in a fight with some photographers. Apparently he punched one of them in the head.

• This happened about a month ago, but Minneapolis Fucking Rocks music blog had it up and it's worth posting again: Christopher Walken does Lady Gaga's "Pokerface."

• Michael Jackson apparently commissioned a portrait of himself: A creepy Renaissance-esque portrait of him surrounded by little cherubs. One thought the man couldn't get weirder after his death. Guess not.

• Not a big surprise to anyone that follows it closely, but Flight of the Conchords is not coming back for a third season on HBO. I hope they make another album and tour. I'd love to see these guys live.

• Rivers Cuomo is out of the hospital.

• Lady Gaga is on the U.S. leg of her tour. Sounds more like a theater production than a concert.

• Massive Attack is releasing a new album and put out a video for "Paradise Circus." Warning: it's definitely Not Safe For Work or young eyes as it features graphic scenes from porn movie "The Devil and Miss Jones." It's a cool video though because it has pieces of the song interspersed with Georgina Spelvin, former porn star who talks about her role in the film.

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