Friday, February 19, 2010

Headlines! Back three times a week

For you folks, I like providing a list of headlines for you and summing up the most important and interesting music news so you don't have to go trolling Pitchfork, SPIN, Twitter and everything else in the world. I already do it as a part of my job and I can save you some time.

I'll be posting headlines every Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week to give you a complete picture of all of the stuff going on. If you have a news tip or something you see that's interesting, drop me an e-mail (

Anyway, here's today's headlines!

• They were talking about tearing down Abbey Road studios. But Anthony Lloyd Webber is stepping in to save it.

Pearl Jam is going to play Saturday Night Live. My brother, a huuuuuuge PJ fan, will be very excited.

The Gaslight Anthem is talking about their new album. It's called "American Slang" and it will be out in June.

Broken Social Scene dropped their album art today and offered a free download.

Vampire Weekend released a new video. Who's in it? Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Lil Jon and RZA.

Billboard released their photos of the year. Some of them are great photos. Others are bad shots of cool moments.

Lil Wayne got eight root canals. At once. Ouch.

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