Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Ticker: Cursive, Rush, Shout! Weekly, Gordon Lightfoot

Man, lots of stuff going on today.

First off, Cursive is releasing a new single on March 9 through Saddle Creek called "Discovering America." Cool thing is, it's about the mistreatment of American Indians and it benefits the American Indian College Fund.

Check out the song when it debuts (I'm guessing on iTunes, Amazon.com and the Creek's online store) and help some kids go to college.

Cursive is currently on the road with Alkaline Trio and you can follow their progress through Matt Maginn's Facebook page, aptly named Matt Cursive.

* * *

A blogger who never really "got" Canadian rock band Rush decided to listen to all of their albums in one weekend to try to figure out the band.

The results are insightful and funny and his conclusions are great.

An excerpt:

Their fourth album, 2112, comes along out of left field. All of the momentum Rush was beginning to pick up in their songwriting was flushed down the drain by this severely over-hyped record (at the conclusion of which I actually slammed my fist down on my desk and decided to go take a walk for a bit—it was that disappointing).

Whether or not it's a band you've never heard or maybe it's your favorite, that would be one great experiment: Get every album from band or artist and listen to them back to back. You'd definitely learn something.

* * *

People have been buzzing about what happened to the City Weekly, which apparently has missed several issues. Now it's back, I guess.

Well, I found out over the weekend (from Tim McMahan and others) the folks who ran that publication, including former World-Herald scribe Jim Minge, moved on to create a new weekly: Shout! Weekly.

I think it will be interesting to see how this plays out and, especially, how it's going to be different from the multiple similar publications that are already in the market.

* * *

My friend Andy Norman, who used to be managing editor at The Reader when I used to work there, has an interesting piece on the "death" of Gordon Lightfoot, which turned out to be a hoax.

It's good stuff about social media and false death reports. Read it here.

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