Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekend Roundup: Tim Wildsmith and more

Lots of stuff going on this weekend, as usual.

Tonight at the Waiting Room is local singer-songwriter Tim Wildsmith. He's releasing a new album called "Little Armor." Check out my write-up and two songs here.

Tim McMahan of Lazy-i fame wrote about The Hole last week. (While I'm on the subject, thanks to Tim for giving me a shout-out on his own blog today.) I've been hearing a lot about the venue lately and his piece was very interesting on how they ran into some crap and had to move it. I need to get over there sometime soon. I definitely like some punk rock. Check out Convicted Skate Shop's MySpace (they own the venue) for details.

There's another Haiti benefit in Lincoln this weekend. Kris Lager Band, The Mezcal Brothers, Strawberry Burns, Son of '76 & the Watchmen and South of Lincoln perform tonight at the Bourbon Theatre. $5 donation suggested.

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