Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Magnetic Fields reissue

I'm pretty excited about the release I got in my mailbox today. The Magnetic Fields is releasing its "69 Love Songs" as a 10" vinyl box set. MP3 download card is included.

I got into the Magnetic Fields after, sadly, hearing a "Book of Love" cover done by Peter Gabriel awhile back. I thought the lyrics were cool, so I looked up the song and, to my delight, found out it wasn't by Peter Gabriel after all. (Nothing against the "In Your Eyes" singer, I just have a hard time admitting that I like Peter Gabriel in public. I guess now everyone knows...)

Anyway, I'm pumped to get ahold of this box set, even though the price is a little lofty.

There is an interesting story behind the writing and recording of "69 Love Songs," and I'll let the press release tell it: "The story has it that Stephin Merritt came up with the idea for 69 Love Songs while sitting in an elegant midtown Manhattan gay piano bar. He originally planned for it to be a live musical revue, performed with a rotating cast of singers in the plush hotel bars and cabarets of New York City."

The box set retails for $89.98. You can pre-order it now from Merge Records' online store.

Listen to the re-mastered version of "Book of Love:"

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