Thursday, March 17, 2011

SXSW: Late start, Head and the Heart and Rural Alberta

It's never fun being injured. Even less so at a music festival. Ask Greg Edds, who tooled around on crutches at last year's SXSW after breaking his foot.

I'm not that injured. But I do appear to have torn something in my foot. It makes getting around downtown Austin kinda difficult an is the main reason I got started so late today.

First off, I hit up the Head and the Heart, a band I've really been looking forward to, but injures yesterday. Unfortunately, they only played about 20 minutes and I was a bit late, so I missed all but a few songs.

Anyway, what I saw from the folky group was great, so I plan on seeing them again.

After that, I met up with a gaggle of Nebraska natives here in Austin, including Brent Crampton, Andy and Angie Norman of, Neal Duffy and the entire Satchel Grande crew.

Drinks were drunk, pizza was devoured, good times were had.

I then moved onto see Rural Alberta Advantage. Oddly, they're only one of two Saddle Creek Records bands playing at the fest (the other being Bright Eyes, of course).

Rural Alberta is working damn hard by playing several shows a day. Seems to be paying off, too. A few hundred packed into the Stage on Sixth to see the group and flooded he place with applause.

Currently, I'm at a show with the Smith Westerns. Sorta garagey, but with a lot of synths. Updates later!

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