Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SXSW: Satchel Grande does us proud

The funkiest band in Omaha is the funkiest one currently in Austin, Texas. At least, they are as far as I'm concerned.

The nine-piece played to only about 30 or so folks at the Karma Lounge, but were approached by every person in the joint afterward. While I said hello to frontman Chris Klemmensen, a British man couldn't stop telling him how wonderful Satchel Grande is.

I'm proud to have this band representing Omaha (and the rest of Nebraska) this week. If only they had a bigger stage to perform on...

Anyway, they played a set of old and new favorites. Klemmensen looked to be having the time of his life and, as he was playing and singing his heart out, he was moving so much I couldn't take a photo of him that wasn't blurry.

I really wish the band was playing more this weekend, but I'm happy to know I'll probably see them again soon.

Still, tonight proves that Omaha bands need to keep playing outside of our own little town. Stop being a well-kept secret. Get out here and show yourself off. Satchel Grande did it tonight.

* * *

After some conversing with the Satchel boys and getting my hands on a pair of Blublockers (the band's fave brand if sunglasses, which, no joke, sponsored them), I made my way down to Emo's.

On tonight's bill is OFF!, the new band featuring Keith Morris from the Circle Jerks and Black Flag. I actually got to meet Morris before the show. He was selling his own merch (how very DIY, right?) and so I bought some vinyl and asked him to sign it. Not very punk rock of me, I realize, but he obliged.

More importantly, OFF! took the stage and rocked it, pumping out angry punk songs full of as much energy as if Morris was spitting the words out 25 years ago.

Next up is hardcore legends the Bad Brains. Glad I brought my earplugs...

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