Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Early headlines!

Social Distortion was pretty awesome last night. I'm pretty tired today.

In other news, I did finally talk to Mike Mogis yesterday, and I'll post some of that stuff later. Also, the Kings of Leon refused an interview request, saying that the band is "taking a break from press." That's a new one...

Anyway, I didn't get to them yesterday, so here's an early version of headlines!

• The woman who inspired the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" has died.

• Hayley Williams of Paramore went blonde! Craziness. Good thing I got a reference to the "fiery-haired frontwoman" in the paper a few days before the makeover. Video here.

• They announced the new season of Austin City Limits. Everyone from Mos Def to Okkervil River to the Dave Matthews Band are on the list. And everyone's hyping up Them Crooked Vultures (the Zeppelin-Foo Fighters-Queens of the Stone Age supergroup), whose episode will air Feb. 6. Cool names, but I'm not entirely convinced. Here's some shaky video from a Brixton Academy show.

• Weezer are getting a lil help from Lil Wayne for the track "Can't Stop Partying" on the band's new album, "Raditude." Sounds like it could be cool. On that note: Folks, this album is likely not going to be as good or groundbreaking as their first three-or-so albums. Get over it and stop complaining. This "They're calling their album 'Raditude?' What a joke" and "It'll never be as good as 'Pinkerton'" bullshit that I keep hearing is annoying the hell out of me. The band you fell in love with in high school/college moved on. It was 15 years ago. So should you.

• Bon Iver did a set in an LA cemetary. At sunrise. I thought the set they did last weekend at Slowdown was pretty awesome, but I'm pretty sure the cemetary show wins first prize.

• You can stream the "Where the Wild Things Are" soundtrack.

Unrelated to music: I am a nerd. So, naturally I love this Star Wars Jedi bathrobe.

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