Thursday, September 24, 2009

Headlines! He-Man, Cursive and more

Well, I was supposed to talk to Mike Mogis the other day. Then yesterday. Then today. Still hasn't happened. Guess the uber-producer/"I-can-play-every-instrument-under-the-sun" guy is pretty busy.

When that happens, I will post some stuff that won't fit into the Monsters of Folk story that I'm writing.

Went to Built to Spill last night. Outstanding show and I got to talk to Doug Martsch for a little bit afterwards. He might be the nicest guy in rock 'n roll. And he also might have the best beard in rock 'n roll. Just sayin'...

I'll write a proper review later. Until then, feast on headlines!

• Unrelated to music: The new He-Man movie still might get made. Other people are hoping it doesn't come to fruition considering what a travesty they consider "Masters of the Universe" to be. I, for one, love that movie. It's one of a handful of films that defined my childhood. (It also features fine performances by Frank Langella, Courtney Cox and Dolph Lundgren.)

• The Foo Fighters have one of the new songs from their greatest hits comp out. Listen.

• Here's one of those new Thom Yorke songs.

• Don't think I've mentioned this in the blog yet, but Cursive did a Daytrotter set the other day.

• MGMT was on "Yo Gabba Gabba." Stereogum has the video.

• GeekSugar did a post on the three best sites to find live music in your town. Those sites are cool, but I recommend checking your local sources, like 1% Productions, SlamOmaha, (shameless plug) or the website of your favorite venue (most of the local spots have one). If you're looking for general tour information on any one of thousands of bands or venues, I'd definitely check out Pollstar. Concert tours are (very literally) those guys' business and it's all they do.

• Unrelated to music: I'm so glad Nicolas Cage never ended up being Superman.

• Neutral Milk Hotel will reissue its albums on vinyl.

• Paramore has a new album. And the entire thing is streaming online.

• Spin has a Q&A with the Monsters of Folk.

• Lily Allen might have given up music. She says that she doesn't plan on doing another album.

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