Thursday, September 17, 2009

SC loses Tokyo Police Club

This just in: Tokyo Police Club is leaving Saddle Creek Records.

From a press release:

Tokyo Police Club, the Newmarket Ontario quartet hailed by Rolling Stone as "poised to become the biggest Canadian export since Molson," have signed an exclusive U.S. recording deal with mom+pop. The band is currently recording its second full length album, with an expected release projected for early 2010.

Don't know what happened there. The band appeared to be doing really well after its last release, appearing on TV shows, going on tour and opening up for Weezer. Why they chose to go to a new label, I'm not sure.

mom+pop was formed just in 2008 and, so far, only includes An Horse and Joshua Radin. The label is run by the guys who do QPrime, an artist management company. QPrime's lineup is pretty impressive, but Tokyo Police Club isn't on the list (they're with Team 8 management).

I'm not too worried about Saddle Creek, to be honest. This is a decent loss, but the label has added several new artists to the roster (Old Canes, Rural Alberta Advantage, UUVVWWZ, O+S, Sebastien Grainger), and some of those will do good things if they keep at it.

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