Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Headlines! Beatles, Paramore and more

There's not a ton going on today, but everyone (it would seem) is talking about the Beatles remastered albums coming out tomorrow.

I'm pretty interested to see if Apple will announce the Beatles catalog being available on iTunes.

Personally, I'd go to Homer's and pick up a remastered Beatles CD for $9.99 before I'd pay $10 or more for the lower-fidelity iTunes files. But I don't think iTunes is focusing on me. I think they're after the guy who just wants a copy of "Yesterday" and either doesn't care about the sound quality or doesn't want to spend 10 bucks.

Would you buy the Beatles on iTunes? Post below in the comments.

Onto headlines!

• The Daily What explores how to pick your favorite indie band. This one made me crack up a few times.

• All of that Beatles stuff (remasters and Rock Band) comes out tomorrow. Pitchfork reviews all of the remasters. Chuck Klosterman wrote about them, too.

• Entertainment Weekly featured the Beatles (seemingly with every other news outlet on the planet). They ranked the fab four's albums.

• Spin.com features the best "summer songs" from this year. I'm not sure if they mean the best songs that came out this summer or the best "summer jams," so to speak. Either way, here it is. Can't say there's a song on this that I don't like (yeah, even the Brad Paisley one).

• Paramore's got a new song out. Here's an acoustic version. Spin also reviewed the band's new album.

• The "best-named festival ever" award goes to the Fuck Yeah Fest. Apparently the festival, in its sixth year, went pretty well.

• Paste ponders what the hell is going on with Iggy Pop. A valid question.

• Forgot to mention this earlier, but Jay-Z's album came out today. It was scheduled for release on Friday, but I guess it leaked or something.

• Today's unrelated to music feature: I don't care much about Dragon-Con, but the picture that goes with this post is priceless.

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