Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Headlines! Cheap Creed tickets, Pearl Jam and more

Today, I interviewed James from Yo La Tengo. We talked about the new album, "Popular Songs," touring, cover songs, the album's art (which is fantastic) and various other topics. Lot of stuff in only 20 minutes.

This leads me to a question: What's the most embarrassing tune in your iPod/record collection/stack of 8-track tapes? Send me an e-mail at

Thanks in advance for the responses. Anyway, onto headlines!

• Creed tickets to next week's show (Wednesday) are only 10 bucks for a limited time. You have until Monday, Oct. 5, at midnight to lock them down. I assume they're getting rid of these tickets because no one is buying them. Count me not surprised at all.

• Paul McCartney has a new CD/DVD coming out. He played at Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets, as a celebration of sorts to open the field. If you recall, the Beatles played a famous concert at Shea Stadium, the Mets' former residence.

• From the "How awesome does this sound" department: Mos Def and the Black Keys jammed at Spin's offices.

• Pearl Jam's new release hit No. 1 on Billboard's charts. See the below entry on the Monsters of Folk.

• Want some new Nirvana? Pitchfork has a previously unreleased track from the "Bleach" reissue at their site.

• Others aren't a fan, but I quite like Jimmy Fallon's show (if only I stayed up late enough to watch). I should have last night because Sunny Day Real Estate was on.

• Britney has a new "club track." It's called "3."

• Springsteen and E Street Band are going to play several albums in their entirety.

• Don't know if you're on Twitter or not. I am. A lot of musicians are too. Here are 10 to follow.

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