Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hey folks. Promised some headlines early this morning. Well, that didn't happen. More Dan Brown/"Da Vinci Code" nonsense to deal with.

Saw Matt & Kim last night with Honey & Darling. Honey & Darling have an EP release coming up soon.

Matt & Kim were fantastic. I'll post a review a little later.

In some dreary news, I guess two folks leaving the show last night got robbed. At gunpoint. Does this freak you out? It sure does me. Freaky part (for me) is that I walked past one of the victims on the way to my car, who I'm sure was robbed moments/minutes later. Shit... Walk to your vehicle with a friend, folks. As someone else pointed out, that's not going to stop them from carrying a gun, but it's probably safer.

Anyway, headlines!

• See my earlier posts, but everyone's getting up in arms about Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5. Didn't that game come out last week? Why is everyone just getting to this now? Seems like it's the news of the day.

• Paula Abdul won't be on "American Idol" this season. Ellen DeGeneres will be. I don't know what her musical background is, but should be funnier.

• Ryan Adams (the indie guy, not "Summer of '69" Bryan Adams) is bringing his record label back to life.

• I guess the guys in Starfucker are having trouble with the name the chose. Can't imagine why... Anyway, after this tour they're going to change it. Favorite headline was from Paste, which read "Starfucker realizes its named Starfucker." Ha!

Wow... not a lot going on other than Courtney/Kurt/Nirvana stuff today.

Anyway, going to Pains of Being Pure at Heart tonight at Slowdown. Follow me on Twitter for updates from the show.

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