Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Costumes: Music edition

It's that time of year: Halloween costume-buying season.

I've done it, just like many of you have... Wander to a costume shop or superstore in town and wander the aisles until you find something funny. Or think of an idea only to realize that you have a week to wander through 27 thrift stores in order to find the perfect set of stone-washed jeans.

This year, I wanted to go as something music related, but couldn't think of anything good beyond "rock star" or something stupid like that. Here's a look at some great (and awful) music-related costumes.

The Good

Dee Snider of Twisted Sister
Quite possibly the ugliest man in rock 'n roll, Dee Snider's costume in the "We're Not Gonna Take It" video is outstanding. Now, you can rock it too. If going as a couple, maybe pair it with this 80s groupie costume.

Buddy Holly
I'm a sucker for some Buddy Holly, so this costume is pretty great. You can imitate it by finding a checked, 50s-style jacket and some fake glasses, but this one pretty much nails the look dead on.

Punk Rock Princess
This one is good for two reasons. Chiefly, I've seen punk rock chicks dress like this. It's accurate. Secondly, It avoids that "I'll dress up as a (blank), but it will be a sexy (blank)" craze.

The Bad

Moonwalker Chiller Jacket
Not explicitly a Michael Jackson costume, but we see what they're getting at. For obvious reasons, the King of Pop is going to be a big hit this year. I find that somewhat creepy, but whatever. As for this costume, it looks like a cheaper, polyester-er version of Michael's original. I'm looking forward to seeing someone do something clever with an MJ costume. Here's the "official" version of the costume. This one, not official, comes with a mask. Ugh.

Random 80s hair metal rocker guy
Uh, really? This guy doesn't even look as good as Rikki Rockett from Poison, and that's saying something. You could probably assemble this costume a lot better by going to Weird Wild Stuff and buying a sequined vest and platforms. They sell them. Yes, seriously.

80s rock star costume
This is not, in fact, an 80s rock star. It might be Madonna, but it looks more like Christine Taylor's character in the "Wedding Singer."

The Ugly

80s Video Star
Do you know any 80s video stars that looked like this? I don't. Even if they exist, this costume just looks like a bad 80s costume, not anything music-related.

This is pretty cheesy. In fact, this was cheesy when Elvis actually wore it. Also, any Elvis wig that you're going to buy is not going to look like Elvis' actual hair. It's going to look like a big, black bushy wig because it's going to be a mess after sitting in that plastic bag on the Nobbie's shelf after 4 years. (Also, it's somewhat ironic that this a plus-size.)

MC Hammer
MC Hammer is not a white guy. That is all.

Costumes I Wish They Had

Angry Bouncer
Shirt that says "STAFF." Add an angry scowl and maybe a flashlight. A clipboard with a guest list would be a bonus.

Guitar Tech
Black jeans, t-shirt, a beard and maybe a hat. But it has to be an indie hat.

I've-never-been-to-a-concert-before girl
Walk around in an innappropriately long sundress with one finger in your ear and the other holding your cell phone to the other ear. Yell "I'm at a concert" as loud as you can into the phone while you scowl at people for bumping into you and stepping on your dress. Bonus points for holding a silly drink, such as a martini, in the hand you're plugging your ear with.

Mysterious guitarist
Plaid flannel shirt, long wig (make sure the hair is in your eyes), low-slung guitar. Pace back and forth while you pick at the strings.

Overzealous frontman
A microphone and a penchant for yelling out "Yeah (insert city name here)" a lot.

Rock club bartender
Trendy rock T-shirt (say, a faded Pavement one), bottle opener, black plastic-framed glasses and a couple empty PBR tallboy cans.

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