Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hey there

Ahoy! I just realized my last blog post was on Friday. Oops. Sorry about that.

I haven't been to many shows lately, so I haven't had any reviews. There was talk of sending me to Daughtry tonight, but I'm pretty happy that that's not going to be happening.

As for shows, I recommend hitting up Honey & Darling on Friday. I saw them before Matt & Kim performed about a month ago and liked what I saw. Sara Bertuldo played through the set after cutting her finger open (and a nice crowd member gave her a Band-aid).

Dinosaur Jr. is on Tuesday with Lou Barlow (of D Jr.) opening the show. I wasn't big on Barlow's latest solo release, personally. D Jr. should be a good show, though.

On Wednesday is the biggie: Monsters of Folk. I think a lot of folks are balking at the ticket price, a lofty 47 bucks.

You have to consider that you're not just getting the MoF playing its 15 songs along with some crappy opener you've kinda heard of.

Think of it more like a bill including Bright Eyes, M. Ward and My Morning Jacket and a few MoF songs thrown in the mix too. Recent reviews have said (and Mike Mogis told me) that it's at least two and a half hours (!!!) and the members will shuffle on and off stage to help each other with "solo" sets.

For $47, hell yes. You'll probably be paying about that much to see just one of these acts in the near future as their stars rise and ticket prices skyrocket.

Just remember to get up and stretch every once in awhile. Don't want to cramp up sitting in a Holland Center seat for that long.

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