Thursday, October 22, 2009

Headlines: Kanye, Weezer and more

What's shakin' people? Today was pretty uneventful for me. No cool interviews, just doing some writing stuff.

I did call around to some recording studios to ask about rates. That stuff can be expensive, though rates vary all over the place. The best advice I've been given is to compare rates and get recommendations from friends. Why? Just because they're cheap, doesn't mean it's a good place to go. Sometime shelling out some extra cash will help in the long run.

Monsters of Folk are here next week. Therefore, I think you should check out my piece on what monsters the foursome would be, if they were actually monsters.

Next, we have some headlines!

• Kanye West is not dead. Read: not dead. Despite what Twitter would have you believe.

• New Found Glory is coming to town next week. Here's a review of their secret hometown show.

• Eminem is pretty good in English. I can't imagine it would be very good translated into any language, let alone Klingon. Seriously.

• Dinosaur Jr. and Lou Barlow are coming to town soon, as well. They have a tour diary.

• Do we need any more ludicrous musicals? I don't think so. Nonetheless, a Run-DMC musical might happen. (Come to think of it, a Ludacris musical might be... wait, no. No, it would not.)

• I'm pretty pumped to see how this works, but Paste thinks that DJ Hero (new game from the Guitar Hero folks) will change music forever.

• Lil Wayne is probably going to jail.

• Rihanna has a new single. It's called "Russian Roulette." Ugh. Count me out.

• Weezer's new video was supposed to be up yesterday, but it wasn't. It is now.

• The American Music Award nominations were revealed on Wednesday. Does anyone care?

Not related to music: That Boondock Saints sequel is supposed to come out Oct. 30. Well, it's not playing in too many places, and not in Omaha, last I checked.

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