Monday, October 12, 2009

Today's Mail

I was gone for a week, so the pile of mail wast truly epic. Here's what turned up:

Bowling for Soup, "Sorry for Partyin'" - These guys play crappy, goofy pop punk full of fart jokes and cheesy lyrics. Nonetheless, I cannot help but enjoy these guys. Part of it is that I like crappy pop punk and fart jokes, but the other part is that these guys are in on the joke. They don't take themselves very seriously at all. I mean, they have a song called "My Wena." 'Nuff said.

Neil Diamond, "A Cherry Cherry Christmas" - I always find it amusing that a Jewish guy has this many Christmas albums, but they work for him. This disc features Xmas classics like "White Christmas" and "Jingle Bell Rock" but also new stuff like "Cherry Cherry Christmas." He does include a little tune called "The Chanukah Song" at the end. And yes, it is a cover of the Adam Sandler tune. And it's hilarious.

Five For Fighting, "Slice" - This guy was in town recently. I guess the show lasted 15-20 minutes. Lame. Maybe the album's good? Don't know.

Taylor Hollingsworth, "Life With a Slow Ear" - Taylor is a member of the Mystic Valley Band, as one of the group's guitarists (I think they had three, maybe four). He also penned a few tunes and sang on "Air Matress." I liked his pre-MVB stuff (like "Central City") and am interested in listening to the new one. The 10-song album will be out on (surprise!) Oberst's Team Love label.

Bishop Allen, "Grrr..." - This disc isn't new, but Bishop Allen is coming to town soon. My friend Maggie D. turned me onto these guys awhile back and we've both been anticipating their arrival. Check 'em out Nov. 3 at Slowdown.

Paste sampler - If you're lucky enough to recieve "Paste" magazine, you get a music sampler every week. It is a highlight, to be sure. The mini version of the magazine came last week and, along with it, a disc including Avett Brothers, Sea Wolf, Langhorne Slim, Lou Barlow and quite a few others.

Backstreet Boys, "This is Us" - I don't really care much to hear this album, but it's gauranteed to sell a bunch of copies after we get beaten over the head with whatever the album's first single is (I'm guessing "Straight Through My Heart" based on the sticker slapped onto the jewel case).

Toby Keith, "American Ride" - This should be interesting. Kris Kristofferson just had an album out too. Hopefully, they don't start any fights.

Brandi Carlile, "Give Up the Ghost" - The third full-length from the indie-pop-folk-alt country-whatever singer-songwriter.

Lita Ford, "Wicked Wonderland" - Who knew Lita Ford was still putting out albums? Well, here's another one.

Other stuff in the mail: "Holiday Magic" by Connie Talbot, "Music for Men" by Gossip, "Life as a Song" by Five Times August, "SpeakLove" by Courtney Fortune, "The New Seed" by Zera Vaughan, "Speak No Evil" by Tinsley Ellis, "Lost in Dreams" by Curtis Stigers, "Bright Nights Dark Days" by Cavo and "Why You Runnin'" by Lissie

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