Tuesday, October 13, 2009

KoL update

A few people have commented (including some that I attended the show with last night) that the Kings of Leon performance was too short.

I agree. I said yesterday that I could have gone for another 10 songs, or at least 30 to 40 minutes. But I have to admit that they played their best 18 songs (see the set list). Were there others that I'd like to see? Yes.

But the Kings have a kind of no-nonsense approach. They don't banter with the crowd. They don't have an elaborate show. They don't fiddle around on guitar solos for 4 minutes. Essentially, they're the antithesis to U2.

Part of the quick show time has to do with that, I think. If it were Fleetwood Mac, 18 songs would have taken 2 hours, easy, because Stevie Nicks would extemporize about how they wrote "Landslide" and Lindsey Buckingham would noodle around on his guitar. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just Fleetwood's style, much like not fucking around and just playing some rock songs is the Kings' style.

One guy commented that Kol frontman Caleb F. was being a bit of a wuss (he used some stronger words) by complaining about his crew. If I were him, I'd complain too. Maybe not by calling them out onstage to the crowd, but I'd raise hell.

This is a band who runs a tight ship. Notes aren't out of place. Lyrics aren't flubbed. Ever. If the crew screws up, they're going to hear it.

Also, this same person commented that Caleb was bagging on the crowd by saying that the "fans in the front were real KoL fans." This is something that I've heard other bands say countless times. Don't think he was making fun of you for not crowd surfing, so cool out dude.


In other news, I have to go to review Miley Cyrus tonight. This should be interesting... Review will be posted later.

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