Monday, August 23, 2010

Headlines! Bright Eyes, Kanye, Folgers Coffee and more

I'm back in the office again after a three-day weekend off. Tonight, I'm going to review Counting Crows, but here's some headlines for you.


Bright Eyes is now on Facebook. Why now? Probably because the band has an album coming out and they want to start building buzz about the group via social networking. I bet you'll see a Twitter soon, too. And eventually some songs.

[Update: The Bright Eyes Facebook page has been taken down. Also removed was the tweet from Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band announcing the page. That means a) it could have been a fake or b) they just weren't ready to go all out on FB yet. I'm going with option "b." It looked too professional to be fake, unlike that fake Conor Oberst twitter from awhile back.]

Kanye West is planning on releasing a free song every weekend until Christmas. It's unclear whether or not it will be new music and West said it could be stuff from other artists, too.

• There's a new EP out from Sufjan Stevens. You can listen to it for free and buy a copy for only $5.

• Out tomorrow, the new Land of Talk disc from Saddle Creek is streaming all week at Spinner. It's called "Cloak and Cipher."

Holy Fuck is having a new tour. It hits Lincoln on Oct. 21.

• On Nov. 2, Brian Eno is dropping a new album. It's name? "Small Craft On A Milk Sea," whatever the hell that means.

• Check out Conan O'Brien's spoken word track with Jack White.

• Spin offers up a list of 25 fall albums that matter most.

Weezer fans that have been bitching since the blue album and "Pinkerton" about how their new stuff isn't as good as their old stuff can no rejoice. Why? The band is planning a "Blue Album/'Pinkerton'" tour.

• Speaking of Weezer, Spinner asked people to submit their own album covers for "Hurley." They're pretty funny.

• At one point, Johnny Cash recorded a version of Folgers Coffee's "the best part of waking up" jingle. You can now download it as a ringtone, if that's your thing.

• I have absolutely no idea how or why it happened, but Bob Saget took some time to interview Ben Folds.

• Apparently, U2 has a few albums worth of material ready to go.

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