Friday, August 6, 2010

Lollapalooza preview... The action starts today

(To those of you that are new to the blog, welcome. Some of you are new from the recent Conor Oberst/Concert For Equality coverage. Others may have been directed from the World-Herald or Anyway, I'm happy you're here. I'm in Chicago for Lollapalooza right now, so you're going to hear a lot about that for a few days. Stick around, leave a comment or drop me an e-mail...)

I made it. After some frustrating traffic on I-80 (yes, I drove to Chicago), I arrived in the city last night for Lollapalooza. After seeing a friend perform at Second City, a few beers and some sleep, I'm ready to take on the day.

There are a number of things that I'm excited about, from seeing friends to the food (I hope that Thai stand is open again) to the music.

(Can't make it? Watch a live webcast of acts at the fest starting at 2 p.m. today.)

The Strokes - I've never had the pleasure of seeing the band before, but I've always liked them a lot. I'm hoping they'll drop a little preview of the new album they've been working on.

Food - No, not a band called "Food." I'm actually excited for the food. Vendors here actually have good grub and it's not crazy expensive.

Frightened Rabbit - I gushed so much about these guys during SxSw that they quoted me alongside USA Today in a press release for the band's summer tour. The Scottish band's folk rock has a simplicity to it that allows its distinctly male insecurity and emotion connect with you on quite a real level. Best band I saw at South By and their touring isn't taking them through Omaha. A shame. Good thing I'm seeing them Saturday.

MGMT - But I hope they don't go too heavy on "Congratulations."

New Pornographers - Not a ton of people seemed to like their new album, but I thought it was a helluva lot more accessible than previous efforts. 

Blues Traveler - This is a weird admission, but one of their albums was the first CD that I ever bought. Never seen them live, so I want to catch them this time.

Raybans - I want a pair of Wayfarers, but not enough to spend that much  money on them. Lolla is practically a Rayban convention, so I'm hoping staring at other people wearing them will be enough to satiate my hunger for a pair.

Running into Ben Folds - Seriously, last year I nearly knocked the guy down (on accident) before I realized who it was. Don't think he's playing this year, so maybe I'll have to settle for Julian Casablancas or something.

B.O.B. - One of the few hip-hop acts this year, B.O.B. should be fun to watch. And maybe Eminem will show up for that "Airplanes" song. (But he probably won't.)

Blitzen Trapper - These guys have been to Omaha about five times in the last four years and they're headed to Lincoln next week. But they're really good, especially live.

Expanded grounds - The fest took over even more area at Grant Park and has three entrances (as opposed to two last year, one of which was only open for the first day). It will be nice for things to (hopefully) be less congested.

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